88TV update to MYIPTV4K

88TV update to MYIPTV4K

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Hello All 88TV user:


This news for all 88Tv user, the 88Tv service has closed , The channel of 88TV has been included in MYIPTV. 


And the MYIPTV has update to the latest version Myiptv4k , and many clients will ask ”How can l move to myiptv4k? ”

1.Send the effective MAC picture which has effective expiry date  to your seller.

2.Download the MYIPTV4K  into your Android box.

3.Once transferred the seller will send the username and password to you , you just login and then can watch directly.


After update to latest version , the MYIPTV4K picture quality higher than before , and the channels also has update , if someone 88tv has expired or nearly expired we prefer renew myiptv4k .


And someone will ask ” If my 88Tv nearly expire can l use the same username and password renew subscription ?”


You can send the effective MAC to dealer move to username and password first and then the dealer will send the pin-code to you after paid, you just input the pin code into ”Top up ” can watch 

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