MYIPITV update to MYIPTV4k

MYIPITV update to MYIPTV4k

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Hello All friends,


This news for All clients who using MYIPTV , if someone who not using MYIPTV , please ignore it ,

After updated , the MYIPTV picture quality more higher and very stable, please download the latest version, and follow this steps:


1.Please download new myiptv4k apk and install to your box.
2. Send effective old mac picture and your order number to us
3. We will send user name and password to you


Noted : The old MYIPTV server is closing,  MYIPTV left days need to transfer to MYIPTV4K before Nov.  Late cancellation.


If you have any question please feel free to contact me .

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Hi team,
I would like to check with u,i have update the myiptv to myiptv 4k.. but why myiptv 4k is keep buffering? Once i click channel and the channel is running not more that 3 mins, it stuck n buffer bout fews secs.. then running again around 3 mins, then buffer again.. and keep repeat the same behavior..

Could you please advice how to resolved this issue.

Thanks , team

    Jay Zhou

    Hello friend , may l know what’s version of your Android box ? and have you check your box mermory ?


      Bernard Ho

      Hi Jay, I have the same problem. My box is X92 running Android 7.1.2. I noticed that only those channels on FHD 1920×1080 resolution are badly affected whereas lower resolution channels like 1280×720 ok. Pls advise. Tks

        Jay Zhou

        Hello friend

        That’s about network , and can you please add my WhatsApp , we can try to solve this problem together , it’s my number : +8618898779885


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