Playing problems

You can install MX PLAYER depends on your box. Normally, iview model don’ need to install.

Pls don’t worry during the channels occur white screen or some black channels, it’s caused by updating the server and would be recovered normally within 6 hours. No need to send email.

2 thoughts on “MYIPTV Plays Problems

  1. Hi, after install the MX player on Android box then go to Myiptv settings and change player to MX player right?
    Myiptv will automatically use the MX player to view the channel?

    After Myiptv recent May2016 update all android boxes using S905 Amlogic 5.1 Lollipop cannot view certain channels eg. ASTRO OASIS AND WARNA.
    (Myiptv version for Amlogic already installed)

    Please help to fix this issue. Thank you.

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