Version Updating

Updating News

Please uninstall your old version of MYIPTV/88tv,download this new version to install,then you can watch.

Myiptv new apps update to anti killing system.

88tv new apps update to anti killing system.

Uninstall step:
Box setting-apps-myiptv/88tv-uninstall

Install step:
Downlaod in your box via the link-go to “file manage”-find your apk file-click and install-back to the home page-my app-myiptv/88tv,then you can watch

APK Notice

The market which said hacked hd/my/88tv apk.
Actually hacked apk will get your Mac id and send to them server to clone your Mac id.
All Mac id which using the hacked version, Mac id will blocked by hd/my/88tv.
Pls take your own risk for who is using wdtv=mstv=world tv, Evpad, small 7, unblock.

MYIPTV & 88tv News

1. Myiptv with only Ast-MY base channel. Huat88tv with only Ast-CN channel.

2. 88tv 3/6/12 Month allow transfer to Myiptv one time only. Myiptv also allow transfer 88tv one time only.

3. For 88tv one month trial without 3/6/12months activatation , pls renew 88tv 3 months or above, then will allow to transfer myiptv.

4. 21/11/2016 myiptv one month online. All transfer or cancel do not allow.

Huat 88TV Promotion

Huat 88TV promotion:
Start from 1/9/2016 to 31/10/2016
1) For every purchase 6/12months MYIPTV, you can get 1month Huat 88TV for free(whatever you use same device or another)
2)The free 1month activation just can keep till 30/11/2016
3) 88TV 1month only for first time and can’t transfer.
4) myiptv still cannot active 1mth. we will inform once can.