How to become reseller ? 

One way:
Make 5 pieces wish product order directly with reseller price.You can get the codes to be a reseller.
For example,you take 5 one year codes iview HD , RM355*5=RM1775
You can get 5 codes iview HD , and you are a reseller now.
Second way:
Pay Advanced Deposit RM1000 directly.You can get the codes to be a reseller.

How to use RM1000 ? 
MYIPTV reseller price: 
1 month:RM60
3 months:RM135 
6 months:RM175 
12 months:RM265
For example, you take 1 code 12 months, 1000-265=RM735 Balance
Next time, take 3 codes 6 months, 735-3*175=RM210 Balance
Next time, take 1 codes 3 month, 210-1*130=RM80 Balance
Cycle like this.
Once RM1000 use up, pay again RM1000 or pay invoice.

How to pay RM1000 ?
Order online by credit card for advanced deposit resellers.

If you have any other problems, pls let me know.

RM 1.00RM 3,000.00

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