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What’s MYPADTV ? What’s the different with MYIPTV ?

MYPADTV is an IPTV which can watch Malaysia channels \ Singapore channels  and other channels , if you would like look through the channels list , you can register an username and password to see.


Is there a place limit for MYPADTV ?

MYPADTV  Global General , As long as the network is well connected, can watch anywhere .


What devices are supported by MYPADTV ?

MYPADTV most devices are supported , such as Iphone\Ipad\Android phone\ Android tablet \Android box and others , and when it use on Phone \tablet not need to download can watch online , it’s very convenient


The difference between MYPADTV and MYIPTV:

MYIPTV currently only supports use on Android boxes , MYPADTV supports use on almost device .

MYPADTV and MYIPTV the channels is similar.

If you would like know MYIPTV channels list you also can register an username and password to look through.


There is MYPADTV watch link :

There is MYIPTV wacth link :


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